For a while now, I’ve been coveting inchies. Mostly on Pinterest. They’re one of those things that just grabbed me the first time I saw them. I was a bit hesitant because, while I am good at following a pattern, free form creativity isn’t always my thing. In the lull between Christmas and New Year when time seems to stop (well, certainly the obligations do for us), I picked inchies as my project. I had already ordered some Angelina fibres from and pursued the Inchies book  ( before it had to be returned to the library. I had a whole board of inspiration on Pinterest ( a couple of saved webpages on using Angelina fibres. So, I felt pretty prepared. 

The first step for me was to determines work process. After re-reading some of the notes I’d taken I came up with this:

1. Make a sketch of my rough design. I wanted to have some ideas about what I was trying to achieve before I started. But if you’re the super creative type, you could just wing it. 

2. Collect supplies. Not surprisingly I was able to work with the supplies I had, since I am a collector of craft supplies. I’d decided to make a Christmas themed Inchie set of 9 that could be framed.

3. Cut out squares of felt – I had to choose my colours and layout first and I used my sizzix big shot to cut out perfect squares. They were slightly larger than an inch, but really, it’s the concept I’m going for here.

4. Iron on stabiliser to the back of felt squares. I used a lightweight stabiliser which was enough to keep the felt squares firm. 

5. Neaten the edges of the squares. I decided to use a variety of methods although a lot of my inspirational pictures on Pinterest used a common method across all the squares. Marching in sewing was my method of choice although many inchies are blanket stitched by hand. 

6. Add fibres. I didn’t want to use fibres on every square and I’m still experimenting with the best look but I had a good play around with them and added them to some of the squares. 

7. Add other embellishments. This is where I added other colours of felt, beads, silk ribbon etc. 

8. Check the arrangement. I ended up changing my squares around 3 times until I was happy with the layout. 

9. Frame. I haven’t found the perfect frame yet but I’m sure I will soon. 
I love these. I think I’m addicted. I just have to work out how to make something that we have space for on our walls. 


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