A sewing obsession ….

For a while now, I’ve been looking longingly at quilting fabric. I was resisting the urge to take up yet another hobby because well, you know, there are only so many hobbies one person can have and there is only so much space in our house. Nonetheless the staring at fabric became buying fabric and before I knew it, a full blown sewing obsession had begun. In the meantime a lengthy bobbin- related saga with my sewing machine caused more delays than I would have liked. But I managed to produce numerous items anyway.

Firstly, I took a Sew Along class with the lovely ladies at Tied with a Ribbon and learned how to make these beautiful place mats and table runner.



Then I was browsing on the net and saw a tutorial for the Stripey Pouch and so Ive been making those in various fabric combinations 20111205-144515.jpg





Finally, my mum helped me make a beach bag



And then I was feeling so confident (having overcome my fear of zips) that I made another beach bag with an internal pocket, thanks to the tutorial at uhandbag





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